Commercial Hospitality

Hickory and Oak

SKY Engineering designed the Mechanical and Plumbing systems for the new Hickory & Oak restaurant in Bowling Green. This facility has two roof mounted Condensing units that serve a total of ten Indoor units. Fabric duct serves the seating areas and supply ducts provide air to the restrooms, kitchen, and storage areas. There are five electric unit heaters serving the outdoor seating area patio, each 3kW. The new HVAC system is a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system controlled with I-controller located in the office and temperature sensors placed for each unit. An Outdoor Air unit supplies the system with fresh air from the roof. The plumbing for the restaurant included the restrooms, kitchen, and bar. New restroom fixtures were installed with appropriate connections and drains. Exhaust fans for the restrooms were installed, discharging through the wall. The kitchen hoods were connected to two exhaust fans on the roof.

Scope of Work


Mechanical Design


Plumbing Design

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