Todd County Schools

In the North and South Elementary Schools, existing water heaters were replaced. The existing air-handling units in the gymnasium were replaced with two packaged Roof-top units with gas heat to reconnect with the existing supply and return ductwork. Packaged Roof-top units also replaced existing units serving the library, office area, and art room.

In the Middle School the water heaters were replaced with new high efficiency equipment and a new split system unit was installed to serve the office and storage room. The Middle and Elementary schools’ parking lots were upgraded to LED lighting, improving visibility and cutting energy costs.

At the High School, two packaged DX- gas heat Roof-top units with fabric ductwork replaced the existing air-handling units which reduced the noise and gave more capacity to chilled and hot water serving the building. The High School gymnasium was also equipped with new LED lighting.


Scope of Work


Mechanical Upgrades


Lighting Upgrades

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