Kobe Aluminum Phase 6 & 7

Kobe Aluminum and Automotive Products of Bowling Green constructed a new expansion consisting of a new melting and casting line and two new forging presses. SKY Engineering designed the Mechanical and Plumbing systems for this 140,000 square foot expansion. In Phase 6 of this larger expansion plan, piping was installed above head using steel piping trapeze hangers to the new facility for industrial water, natural gas, soft water, compressed air, process cooling supply and return, industrial waste water, acid waste, forced main sewer, domestic water, nitrogen, and argon. Two Roof-top units were installed along with two new cooling towers with associated pumps, a new boiler, six new outdoor Makeup Air units, and two new split air conditioning systems with humidity control to serve two casting labs. The plumbing for the addition consisted of two new restrooms and a sewer lift pump. Additional office space was also created and equipped with three Roof-top units to heat and cool the area.

Phase 7 of this expansion required the addition of more mechanical equipment to serve the spaces built. Another steam boiler was installed as well as two additional air compressors for production use. Two additional Roof-top units were installed, one 6-ton and one 10-ton. Six more Makeup Air units were installed to cool the equipment. Several upblast exhaust fans were installed to draw air out of the facility. Another pair of restrooms were also built with associating fixtures and connections.

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Plumbing Design

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